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How can farm goods be transported over long distances using cold storage
Release time:2018-6-8 11:00:12      Number of clicks:241
Farm product easy to cause mildew deterioration in the long-distance transportation, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for temperature control in the farm product long-distance transportation first fruits before for long distance transportation, as do cool cold treatment, low temperature cold storage, as far as possible in transit temperature lowering of transport to the fruit.
How farm products can be transported long distances and kept fresh to reduce the damage rate of farm products:
1. Precooling of fruits before transportation is carried out, and precooling is carried out in the producing area as far as possible, so as to extend the freshness preservation period of farm products as far as possible.
2. Try to use cold chain transportation from the production area to the destination of farm products, and use refrigerated vehicles for transportation to ensure the temperature control of farm products during transportation.
3. If can't achieve the refrigerator in the process of transportation, can in the farm product add cold, litchi transportation USES mostly on the rocks in China, so can not only guarantee the taste of litchi, can also extend the sales period of litchi.
4. Choose a faster mode of transportation by means of transportation for long-distance transportation to avoid the mildew and deterioration of farm products caused by too long transportation time.
5. Fruit products of long distance transportation should be of good quality, so as to avoid the transportation of farm products of inferior quality and prevent the spread of mildew and rot in the transportation.
6. Long-distance transportation is mainly a consideration of time. Different farm products need different temperatures, and understanding the refrigerated temperature of farm products can avoid the mildew of farm products.
It is well known that fruits should be precooled before long distance transportation or long-term refrigeration or entering cold storage. There are three types of precooled fruits: forced air cooling, water cooling and vacuum precooling. All three methods can reduce the temperature of fruit to the storage quality and increase the storage period.
1. Compulsory air cooling adopts natural convection cooling and forced ventilation cooling, the former is easy to operate and low cost, suitable for most farm products, but the cooling speed is a little slow. The latter, cooling speed is fast, but need to increase mechanical equipment, fruit evaporation increased.
2. Water cooling can be divided into spraying type and soaking type. Water cooling is simple to operate and low in cost. It is applicable to the surface area less than storable farm products and easy to be contaminated after being wet.
3. Vacuum cooling, rapid cooling and decompression cooling, high efficiency, free from packaging restrictions, but high equipment cost, limited to some fruit varieties.
The problem that should notice when fruit undertakes precooling?
1. The pre-cooling shall be timely, and the temperature shall be cooled as soon as possible after the production area is harvested, and the corresponding pre-cooling equipment shall be established in the production area for timely treatment. ,
2. Different precooling methods should be adopted according to the biological characteristics of different farm products. The main precooling methods include air cooling, water cooling and vacuum cooling.
3. To grasp the precooling temperature, average farm product precooling temperature above 0 ℃, it is best to farm product knife optimal storage temperature is appropriate, timely treatment after the precooling, cannot be placed at room temperature for a long time, or it will be hard to guarantee the quality.
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