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Features and construction of cold storage plate
Release time:2018-6-8 11:00:48      Number of clicks:276
The load-bearing structure of the small cold storage is generally beam plate structure, while the large multi-storey cold storage adopts cast-in-place reinforced concrete without beam roof structure. In recent years, the prefabricated girderless floor cover and the girderless floor frame structure constructed by lifting plate method are being gradually popularized. In addition to meeting the strength and stability, the design of the wall structure of the cold storage should also keep the continuity of the thermal insulation layer and the thermal insulation layer, so as to meet the thermal requirements of the building. Roof structure of the cold storage for a long time by the sun direct illuminate, affected by the temperature change, will produce expansion or contraction deformation, appropriate USES prefabricated, make adjust deformation between components, thus reduce the total deformation. A sliding contact surface can be designed between the roof structure and the wall in order to prevent the adverse effect of roof expansion on the wall.
From the beginning of construction to the installation of equipment, cold storage buildings are generally carried out at room temperature, and the structural system is also at room temperature. After the cold storage is put into use, its structure system is in the low temperature environment. Due to the large temperature difference, the deformation of the structural system is much larger than that of ordinary buildings, so the temperature stress calculation must be carried out to prevent the formation of "cold bridge". Anti-freezing measures should be taken to prevent building damage caused by uplift of foundation. At the same time, materials with strong frost resistance should be selected to enhance the frost resistance and durability of the structure.
Cold storage can be widely used in food factory, dairy factory, pharmaceutical factory, chemical factory, fruit and vegetable warehouse, poultry and egg warehouse, hotel, supermarket, hospital, blood station, army, laboratory, etc. Cold storage is mainly used for constant temperature storage of food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, flowers, green plants, tea, medicine, chemical materials, electronic instruments and instruments.
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