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Correctly distinguish between cold storage and fresh storage
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Both cold storage and cold storage are cold storage that use low temperature to keep fresh food, but there are obvious differences between them. The plant just by low temperature to reduce the fresh food seeds, crops, fruit and other life activities, extend its freshness and shelf life or some food at this time of life activity, is very weak. However, frozen preservation is to freeze food before storing it. Once food is frozen, its life activities will stop completely and it can be preserved for a long time. The advantage of frozen preservation is that the freshness preservation period is much longer than that of frozen preservation, and the complete cessation of life activities of food can save many management procedures. However, the disadvantage is that the preservation of frozen food will cause a certain degree of damage to the structure of food. What kind of cold storage should be used for fresh food depends on the characteristics of the food. For example, fruits and vegetables are more suitable for refrigerated storage, meat and seafood can choose frozen storage.

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