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How is the cold storage refrigeration equipment configured
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1. In general, full-closed compressor is adopted for small cold storage. Semi - enclosed compressor is commonly used in medium - sized cold storage. Semi - enclosed compressor or screw compressor is used in large cold storage.
2. Evaporator: in general, fan is used as evaporator for high temperature storage, which is characterized by fast cooling speed, but easy to cause water loss of cold collection; Seamless steel tube evaporative discharge tube is mainly used in medium and low temperature cold storage.
3. Condenser: the condenser has air cooling, water cooling and the combination of air and water cooling. Air cooling is limited to small cold storage facilities, while water-cooled condensers can be used in all forms of refrigeration systems.
4. Thermal expansion valve: thermal expansion valve is divided into internal balance expansion valve and external balance expansion valve. The evaporator outlet pressure is felt under the diaphragm of the external balanced expansion valve.
5. Liquid storage tank: store freon to ensure the refrigerant is always saturated.
6. Solenoid valve: prevent the high-pressure refrigerant liquid from entering the evaporator when the compressor is stopped, avoid the high low pressure when the compressor is started next time, and prevent the compressor liquid from hitting. In addition, the cold storage temperature reaches set point temperature controller, electromagnetic valve, losing electricity low pressure to stop the set value when the compressor stop, when the cold storage temperature picks up to the set value, the thermostat, electric solenoid valve, low pressure rises to the compressor boot compressor start, when the set value.
7. High and low pressure protector: prevent high pressure, high pressure, low pressure and low protection compressor.
8. Thermostat: the brain of the refrigerator controls the opening and stopping of refrigeration and defrosting of the refrigerator, and the opening and straightening of the fan.
9. Dry filter: impurities and moisture in the filtration system.
10. Oil pressure protector: ensure that the compressor has enough lubricating oil.
11. Oil separator: its function is to separate the lubricating oil from the high-pressure steam discharged from the refrigeration compressor to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the device. The oil particles in high pressure steam can be separated by gravity according to the oil separation principle of reducing airflow velocity and changing airflow direction. Generally, oil particles with a diameter of more than 0.2mm in the steam can be separated by a flow velocity of less than 1m/s. There are four types of oil separator commonly used: washing type, centrifugal type, packing type and filtering type.
12. Evaporator pressure regulating valve: it prevents evaporator pressure (and evaporation temperature) from falling below the specified value. It is also used in some cases to adjust the evaporator pressure to adapt to changes in load.
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