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How does a refrigerator save electricity
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Operation and management of refrigeration equipment
1. As the evaporation temperature decreases, the compression ratio of the compressor increases, and the energy consumption per unit cooling capacity increases. When every 1 ℃ below the evaporation temperature, more power consumption 3% - 4%. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the evaporation temperature difference and increase the evaporation temperature, not only saving electricity consumption, but also increasing the relative humidity between the cold.
2. As the condensing temperature increases, the compression ratio of the compressor increases, and the energy consumption per unit cooling capacity increases. Condensation temperature between 25 ℃ and 40 ℃, every increase 1 ℃, increase power consumption by around 3.2%.
3. When the heat exchange surface of the condenser and evaporator is covered with oil layer, the condensation temperature will increase and the evaporation temperature will decrease, leading to the reduction of cooling production and the increase of electricity consumption. When 0.1mm thick oil layer is accumulated on the inner surface of the condenser, the cooling capacity of the compressor will decrease by 16.6 and the electricity consumption will increase by 12.4. Within the evaporator surface product 0.1 mm thick oil reservoir, in order to maintain constant low temperature requirements, evaporation temperature is 2.5 ℃, power consumption increased by 9.7.
4. When the air is concentrated in the condenser, the condensing pressure will increase, and when the non-condensing gas partial pressure reaches 1.96105Pa, the power consumption of the compressor will increase by 18.
5, when the wall form scum of condenser is 1.5 mm, condensation temperature than the scale before the temperature increased 2.8 ℃, power consumption increased by 9.7.
6, evaporator surface covering a layer of frost layer, reduce the heat transfer coefficient, especially when the surface frosting finned tube, not only increase the heat transfer resistance, but also difficult to make the air flow between the fin and reduce the appearance of the heat transfer coefficient and heat dissipation area. When indoor temperature is lower than 0 ℃, 10 ℃ temperature difference on both sides of the evaporator pipe, evaporator work after a month, the heat transfer coefficient is about frost before 70.
7. The gas inhaled by the compressor is allowed to be over-heated to a certain extent, but the over-heat is too high, and the specific volume of the gas inhaled increases, its cooling capacity decreases, and the relative power consumption increases.
8. When the compressor is frosting, quickly close the small air suction valve, sharply reduce the cooling capacity and increase the relative power consumption.
From the above analysis, it can be seen that good operation management of refrigeration equipment is an important link to improve the economic benefits of refrigeration system.
Ii. Energy-saving measures for refrigeration operation
We will strengthen the management of equipment operations and establish a system for electricity management and statistics on single consumption. We will increase the necessary measuring instruments and instruments, carry out energy conservation and technological transformation, and consolidate the work of energy conservation from the system.
1. Properly control and adjust the amount of liquid supplied by the system, and avoid excessive humidity and overheating of the compressor after inhalation.
2. Choose the number of compressor running stations reasonably, so that its refrigeration capacity matches the thermal load of the system.
3. Adjust the number of operating platforms of the fan and water pump according to the process requirements and the change of external temperature.
4. Regularly release oil and air, remove frost and scale, maintain good heat transfer effect of the equipment, and avoid excessive condensation pressure and low evaporation pressure.
3. Improve working conditions of refrigeration equipment
1. Improve the water quality, slow down the scaling, improve the condensing effect of the condenser, and reduce the condensing temperature.
2. When the load rate of motors of refrigeration equipment is lower than 0.4, the motors can be changed from being exposed to Y, so as to improve the power factor. Moreover, it is required to make automatic switching between them.
3. Use automatic control operation instead of manual operation as far as possible, so as to realize the operation of the refrigeration system in the best working condition, which can save 5-15% of electricity.
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