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The role of these components in cold storage construction?
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Compressor: is in the refrigerant circuit to play the role of compression-driven refrigerant. The compressor extracts the refrigerant from the low pressure zone, compresses it, then sends it to the high pressure zone for cooling and coagulation. Heat is released into the air through the radiator fin.
Condenser: it is one of the main heat exchange equipment in the refrigeration system of the cold storage. Its function is to cool the superheated steam and condense the high pressure liquid from the high temperature refrigerant discharged from the assembly cold storage compressor.
Evaporator: is the heat siphon off inside the cold storage, the liquid refrigerant under low pressure low temperature evaporation, absorb by the freezing of the rolls from the heat and evaporation, into a gaseous refrigerant, gaseous refrigerant compressor are inhaled after compression, and then into the condenser heat removal. Basically, evaporator and condenser have the same principle. The difference is that the former absorbs heat into the reservoir, while the latter drains heat into the outside world.
Storage tank: store the freon tank to ensure the refrigerant is always saturated.
Solenoid valve: it prevents high pressure parts of refrigerant liquid from entering the evaporator when the compressor stops, so as to avoid high low pressure when the compressor starts next time and prevent the compressor liquid from hitting. Second cold storage temperature reached the set point temperature controller action, electromagnetic valve, losing electricity low pressure to stop the set value when the compressor stop, when the cold storage temperature picks up to the set value, the thermostat, electric solenoid valve, low pressure rises to the compressor boot compressor start, when the set value.
High/low pressure protector: prevent high/low pressure compressor.
Thermostat: the cold storage brain controls the opening and stopping of cold storage refrigeration and defrosting, fan opening and stopping.
Dry filter: filter impurities and moisture in the system.
Oil pressure protector: make sure the compressor has enough lubricating oil.
Expansion valve, also known as the throttle valve, it can make the system high pressure formation huge pressure difference, the export of high pressure cooling liquid expansion valve quickly peng evaporation, and through the wall to absorb heat from the air, cold and heat exchange.
Oil separator: it is used to separate the lubricating oil from the high pressure steam discharged from the refrigeration compressor to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the device. The oil particles in high pressure steam can be separated by gravity according to the oil separation principle of reducing airflow velocity and changing airflow direction. Generally, oil particles with a diameter of more than 0.2mm in the steam can be separated by a flow velocity of less than 1m/s. There are four types of oil separator commonly used: washing type, centrifugal type, packing type and filtering type.
Evaporator pressure regulating valve: it prevents evaporator pressure (and evaporation temperature) from falling below the specified value. It is also used in some cases to adjust the evaporator force to accommodate changes in load.
Fan governor: this series of fan governor is mainly used for the speed control of the fan motor of the outdoor air cooled condenser of refrigeration equipment, or for the speed control of the cold fan in the cold storage.
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