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Common problems

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Knowledge of cold storage maintenance
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1. Operating unit: always observe the oil surface and oil return of the compressor and the cleanliness of the oil, and find that the oil dirty or oil surface drop should be solved timely, so as not to cause bad lubrication.
2. For the air cooling unit, the air cooler shall be cleaned regularly to keep it in a good heat exchange state. For water cooling unit: always check the turbidity degree of cooling water, such as too dirty cooling water, should be replaced. Check the water supply system for bubbling, bubbling, dripping and leakage problems. Whether the pump works normally, whether the valve switch is effective, whether the cooling tower, whether the fan is normal. For cold air units: frequently check condenser scaling problems, to timely remove scale.
3. For the evaporator of the air cooler: it is necessary to check the defrosting frequently. Whether the defrosting is timely and effective will affect the cooling effect and lead to the return of the refrigeration system.
4. Observe the running state of the compressor frequently and check the exhaust temperature. During the operation of the compressor in the new season, pay special attention to the running state of the system and adjust the system's liquid supply and condensing temperature in time.
5. Listen carefully to the operation of the compressor, cooling tower, water pump or condenser fan, and check the vibration of the compressor, exhaust pipe and ground feet.
6, the compressor maintenance: early internal system cleanliness is poorer, running after 30 days to change a frozen oil and filter drier, change again after running for half a year (according to the actual situation and decide). For systems with high cleanliness, it is necessary to replace the refrigerated oil and the dry filter once after half a year of operation, which will depend on the situation in the future.
7. Pay attention to the oil surface of the oil mirror of the cold storage compressor within the scope specified by the oil mirror. If the cold storage compressor is short of oil, it will cause a chain failure of dead, spindle and burning motor.
8. In the refrigeration system, it is necessary to install voltage missing phase, overload, current protection, delay protection, and protection of the sensitivity and quality of functional electrical components, which directly affect the life of the compressor. Refrigeration system installation and debugging, according to the temperature controller, pressure controller make the compressor within an hour's drive less than 6 times, stop running in more than five minutes at a time, stop time not less than 3 minutes at a time.
9, no non-condensable gas cooling system (air or nitrogen), not more than 2%, its volume vacuum vacuum operation on its own, use the vacuum pump (vent valve) from the system of high pressure end time, time more than 20 minutes.
10. The refrigeration circulation system must be strictly dry. Especially when the seamless steel tube is used as evaporator, no rust is allowed, no residual organic compounds, metal impurities, cleaning agents, acids and water are allowed.
11. After the operation of the refrigeration system, pay attention to the level of oil surface in a timely manner. The refrigerated oil should be replaced one month after the first operation.
12. The reliability and sensitivity of electrical design control elements, temperature and pressure controllers are reliable to reduce compressor failure.
13. Check the power voltage and whether the ambient temperature is within the specified range.
14. When the compressor is stopped for a long time, the refrigerant should be returned to the reservoir and the exhaust stop valve should be closed.

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