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Handling of odors in cold storage
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Ways to eliminate peculiar smell, in the refrigerator freezer causes of odor smell, namely the cooking materials and food in the refrigerator under the influence of external factors, through the change of physical chemistry, produce a kind of abnormal smell, over time, the smell is adhesion in cold storage walls, ceiling, and equipment and tools. Peculiar smell is produced in freezer, say to have the following several reasons commonly: freezer has a peculiar smell before entering food existence. Before entering the cold storage, food will be spoiled, such as eggs, meat, fish and so on. Fish storage cold storage, without cleaning the store foods such as meat, eggs, or fruit vegetables, the sour smell infection. Cold storage ventilation, temperature, humidity, cause mould to multiply, produce kegare flavour. Leakage of refrigerating pipes in cold storage, corrosion of refrigerants into food resulting in odor. The temperature in the cold storage does not drop, causing the meat to go bad and become putrid. This situation often occurs in fresh meat not frozen, frozen through storage storage. Different smell of food in a cold storage room, resulting in food odor infection.
Methods to prevent the odor of cold storage: food stored in the cold storage must be inspected before it can be stored in the warehouse without deterioration. The cold storage room must not have peculiar smell before purchasing goods. If have peculiar smell, must pass technical treatment, eliminate peculiar smell hind can be used. Generally, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of refrigerating equipment. It is strictly prohibited to unload the refrigerant by dumping. During cold processing, food must be kept at a certain temperature in the cold storage room, and frozen food must not be transferred or stored. If the temperature of the cold storage room does not drop down, the reasons should be found, after the elimination of food processing. Do not store mixed foods in cold storage.

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